Mr Harvey .v. Butlins (Claimant’s Booking refused on grounds that only family bookings were allowed at Christmas)

Mr Harvey is a 73 year old man. He booked and paid for a stay at Butlins commencing on 23rd December 2019. He had booked the holiday with a companion of his, ‘Ms D’ and she booked the same holiday in a separate room on a separate booking. A while later he was advised that “Our Terms and Conditions state that we are unable to accept a booking for a family break that doesn’t have a child on a booking”. He was told that unless he could link his booking to a family that his booking would be cancelled. His stay was later cancelled, but the booking of his companion was honoured.

A case was therefore brought against Butlins for age discrimination as they refused to allow the elderly gentleman to stay with them over the Christmas break. When raised with Butlins they relied on all single occupancy bookings being cancelled, this later turned out to be untrue – as in the case of ‘Ms D’.

The case was compromised without the need for legal proceedings


Pre-Service Settlement including

  • A written apology
  • £2750 damages

…. and a happy client!…….

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