Welfare Benefits Advice & Representation

We are proud to announce that we are now able to help with advice and representation on applications for Personal Independence Payments, Employment Support Allowance and Universal Credit, and on appeals.

According to statistics from the Tribunals Service, PIP appeal approvals hit a high of 76 percent in November 2020 indicating that the system is difficult to navigate, requires specialist understanding and frankly is stacked against disabled people.

Meet the fantastic Lauren Day who has joined the team specifically to help. Lauren is a final year law student at Queen Mary University in London where she has led a team of 12 volunteers at the Legal Advice Clinic helping members of the public to complete their entitlement forms and representing people at appeals tribunals.

Lauren adds to the recent diversification of Fry Law into employment law, and now beyond litigation to help us become the go-to firm on disability rights issues. Message Lauren directly at lauren.day@frylaw.co.uk or through enquiries@frylaw.co.uk

Photo of Lauren Day

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