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Trouble at T’ Mill?

The Queen had an ‘Annus Horibilis’ …… and we thought we’d be honest with you, that we have trouble at T’Mill.

One of the troubles we have at the moment is that despite increasing our fee earning team, we can’t afford to expand fast enough to keep up with demand. This creates frustration from people with important cases we just can’t get to, which we totally understand. We’re sorry if we can’t get back to you as quickly as we’d like.

Another is the huge financial strain we’re under as a business that gets paid only on completion of successful cases, by more than a year’s worth of delays in getting Court dates for final hearings and costs hearings. Not just that, some of the service providers we’ve brought cases against have gone bust, meaning that we won’t get paid for the cases we win.

So, what are we doing about it?

The combination of these factors has led us to hold various discussions with various large law firms who have expressed an interest in bringing our niche work into their large machinery, and we’re also discussing capital equity investment. We expected to be announcing the completion of a significant transaction mid June, but unfortunately that is no longer proceeding.

We’re working with various disabled peoples’ organisations to assist with pre-action preparation, and we’re interested in bringing new Consultants and investors to the team. We’re also keen to speak with investors interested in helping us in our work to deliver change.

And by the way…..

Our core office based team is now having to isolate because of Covid until the end of July meaning that some of our team are on sick leave!

Please bear with us, and don’t shout at us if we can’t take your case on. We are doing our best.

Best Wishes,

Chris & The Team.

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Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.

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