Priority Online Service for Disabled Customers

Just a quick update to say that service providers, and especially online supermarkets must find better ways of delivering their service to disabled people. This is becoming critical. Why not spend money in adding Preference info on account details? It can’t cost that much to sort. Our awesome IT guy has spent the weekend helping us make changes at very short notice and we’re not raking it in!
My recommendation is that supermarkets should wipe all current bookings, and re-allocate.
Please download our template letters, and share your responses.
We need to change things!
Stay safe x

About the Author

Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.


  1. Anne Dean

    Can I have the temple for the supermarket delivery letter please ?
    Thanks very much

  2. Terrific suggestion from Chris at Fry Law.
    Something needs to be done urgently by the big supermarkets about this.
    Opening up an hour early doesn’t come close to meeting the needs of their most disabled and consequently most vu!nerable customers who in many cases are completely housebound.
    As Chris says, it shouldn’t be too difficult to organise with todays modern technology.
    Priority grocery delivery slots should and must be given to those who cannot leave their home. Along with a relaxation to the current maximum of only 80 items per order that most supermarkets have implemented, when ordering for disabled family households.
    I would be more than happy to participate and contribute to any Parliamentary/Governmental or Supermarkets organisation discussions on the matter.
    This situation is likely to be ongoing for around a further 3 months at least, and so the issues of food availability for the disabled will become a matter of life and death if things don’t improve soon.

  3. Lynne Hallums

    I totally agree with you! Both my partner and I are registered disabled, but because neither of us are of pension age, haven’t been picked up as meeting supermarkets criteria of being vulnerable. I must have spent over an hour on the phone to Sainsbury’s trying input all our personal information that they required, only to be told at the end, we needed to be registered on the site before they would accept us! My partner is and has received a letter informing him that he falls into the high risk group and must stay within the confines of home and garden for at least 12 weeks. I’ve not received one, but am extremely vulnerable too and need to self isolate. I really do not know how to get through to these people just how much we need their help, but all they do is make things more difficult for us!

  4. Tamara Penney

    Please prioritise online shopping for vunerable and disabled people.My husband is classed as extremely vunerable. I am disabled,don’t drive and yet am expected to provide groceries and medicines for us both.We currently manage daily care for each other.Going out to buy essential items,collect prescriptions and trying to isolate from each other in a home with a single bathroom would be near impossible without risking both of us contracting this virus.Please sort out this gap in the plans the Government has set out.Thank you.

  5. Melanie Bowler

    I am disabled and have astmha I am on my second lot of antibiotics and steroids. My husband is my carer he has had a letter saying he needs to be shielding. Although I signed up to the government site I an still not being seen as vulnerable by the supermarkets I have spent days trying to get through. We need help now. I had to ask a local support group to pick up my medication yesterday. I dont want to ask them to do my shopping. This is not right ordinary people should go out to get shopping. Let the extremely vulnerable. Housebound and disabled get priority slots.

  6. Deidre Davis

    My husband aged 66, with Diabetes, thyroid and hypertension issues had to interrupt our recommended 12 weeks isolation to go shopping. I am 67 and have chronic asthma, psoriatic arthritis (treated with an immunosuppressant drug , Apremilast as well as fibromyalgia and hypertension. I am on max PIP and consider myself profoundly disabled). We willingly agreed to the 12 weeks isolation, and hopefully utilise the online shopping service that we have used for several years. We were dismayed when this vital service was denied to us. We live in Wales and are unsure whether we will qualify for a letter, but we are in the position where we have no alternative to break our quarantine every fortnight or so.

  7. Helen Taylor

    Without deliveries I would have to shop daily as I can’t carry much and I don’t have a car. I can’t stand for long, can’t walk far and find it hard taking items off shelves, into trolley, onto checkout, into bags. Went shopping early yesterday, back before 11 am and totally wiped out yesterday and today. I’m on max dose of very strong painkillers but they cannot deal with this level of pain.

  8. Jane Hope

    I had polio as a girl and am now 75. Shopping has become a nightmare – at first got on-line deliveries but now they are booked immediately. Supermarkets should be forced by government to make changes.

  9. My husband is disabled I am his carer, and I have to leave him for ages when I queue for essential food.

  10. Susanne

    I agree I am self isolated and can not get a delivery slot I am on the verge of going out because of this and its not safe

  11. peter Mcneill

    as a disabled customer I totally agree especially as I am meant to be shielded, the stores are not helping moreso for people who rely on benefits who cannot afford the 2 week wait for a delivery

  12. June Burgess

    I have been promised to get a shopping delivery as I am disabled and vulnerable I was supposed to get a pin number to register they said within 48 hours still nothing dependant on food parcels all I want is to do a shop x

  13. Valerie Jolliffe

    Tjis needs sorting out ASAP as I have difficulty getting delivery slots and yet have Ben a Tesco customer for over 30 years and online customer for around 15+ years. I am a pensioner and my husband has heart and other health problems. The reason I use online shopping is we don’t drive and with back problems I cannot carry heavy shopping and my local shops are more expensive and do not carry lots of things I use. The

  14. Just to say thank you for the help you are giving.

  15. Deborah latham

    Something needs to be done.
    Self isolate for 12 weeks without food?

  16. sharon knight

    i totally agree…ive contacted 3 stores as im carers during this time…isolated…and even rang stores and was told to just keep trying to get a slot.
    3 weeks later still no joy…staying up all hours waiting for a slot to order my goods…its not good enough…like myself a lot of people have no help.

  17. Claire Morris

    I am lucky enough to have my husband as a carer to get me things but many are not. Please make it a priority to prioritise the disabled

  18. Ive tried for4 weeks now with no success and I am a regular customer who has a payment plan which they are still taking

  19. Janet parr

    Yes I could do with a priority service I’m disabled and really would l OK e to do an online shop without being discriminated against I’m also in vulnerable threshold

  20. Ghowreesan Ratnarajah

    I’m trying to find the template for Priority Online Shopping, but I do not see it here. Can you please send the attachment to me via email?

  21. I’m disabled I had polio as a child I have used Sainsbury’s home shopping for a long time because I can’t walk very well so can’t use supermarket. They just shut me of and put me down as click and collect so now I’m reling people to get shopping .

  22. There is nothing available for me i am housebound disabled a wheelchair user with issues inc diabetes n asthmatic etc etc no.friends or help so.what are we the disabled suppost to do ? Ty

  23. Pat Vandervelt

    Help the elderly as well a bit more

  24. Julia Thompson

    I tried to get a slot at Asda but none were available. I contacted them to say as a disabled woman living alone that doesn’t drive I couldn’t click and collect they told me to come to the store and prove my multiple disabilities!

    1. That’s ridiculous! Hope you got the name of the person you spoke to!

  25. Marilyn

    My husband & I are both over 70years of age ,we’re both disabled him with COPD & asthma , myself with Parkinson’s & asthma. I normally do online shopping as we don’t drive. Nearly 4weeks now we haven’t left home, we had the letter from our GP telling us to stay home . Can we get a slot to go online to shop? No is the answer you need to register with Gov. so I registered us both, but still not on the list. I stayed up till after midnight to try & get a delivery slot with Tesco , no luck so went to bed got up at 7am . & prayed as it was Easter Sunday. Went online & yes thank you Lord there were slots available. How are we meant to survive.

  26. Jacqui Rome

    I am acting on behalf of my Son, who lives with me, he has Downs Syndrome and a congenital heart condition, I am a widow of 70 years and his sole carer, I’ve shopped online with Tesco for over 8 years spending over £100 per week, my only way of shopping, Tesco have not helped at all with priority booking and after this Thursday I can see no way of getting any more slots with them as when I go online to book a slot they are coming up unavailable as soon as the dates come out, Tesco are treating their regular, loyal customers dreadful, I have explained my situation to them but they have been no help at all.

  27. Diane

    This is all well and good. But not all disabled people have received letters from government. I have a 39 year old servere spe need sdaughter. I don’t drive, I live a good 30 mins from a local co op. And need my delivery spot with my current store. Taking everyone off the data lists, would mean I could get no shopping. And am sure there’s many others in the same situation. My other daughter is 20 miles away. So that’s a 40 mile round trip.

  28. Christine Raine

    I have Fibromyalgia & ulcer on my leg & couple other things and can’t get online deliveries, my parents r old as well my dad nearly 81 my mum 77 can’t get them one either. It’s not good people with no health issues and can drive are getting most slots

  29. Lynne johnston

    I am 60 in 2 months, I have coronary artery disease, had 2 heart attacks and have 4 coronary stents, I am considered at risk but not vulnerable enough apparently

  30. Sheila

    I have fractured both femurs have epilepsy & had septic gallbladder gall stones and Kidney failure my mobility nis bad my mother is 86 I cannot drive my mother hasn’t driven since my dad died last year we really need help to get an online slot

  31. We need help getting our shopping online according to guide lines I do not qualify neither does my 86 year old mother, why is this

    1. You might qualify if you meet the Equality Act definition of disability – impairments which have a substantial impact on your day to day life and have for 12 months or more……. Cancer immediately covered.

  32. Lesley Yearley

    Absolutely agree

  33. Ann Draper

    I have to go online at midnight to a slot for Tesco’s and that’s for 3wks ahead they only release one day at a time. When you’re in your 70s and have Parkinson’s it’s difficult to do!!

  34. Wendy Howard

    Impossible to get home food delivery

  35. Jrn

    Asda have done there online shopping excellent no dilevery charge and u pick a permanent slot but Tesco charge u for delivery and if a slot free fine if not tough they need sort this but Asda deserve clap for all surport they give u I’m on government shielding. so stuck home

    1. It’s important to share examples of what supermarkets are doing well! I have heard rumours that some supermarkets are now charging extra for deliveries if you’re on the Government list. Has this been your experience??

  36. I am 73 years old. As a regular disabled customer of my store I have a delivery saver scheme in place, I had at the outset managed to pre book delivery slots up till this week, but I am not on any government list and no longer able to pre book, my store has merely refunded my delivery saver subscription and left me high and dry

    1. You don’t need to be on the Government list to qualify for reasonable adjustments! Let us know if you need our help.

  37. Janet Freeman

    I’m registered partially sighted and deaf, and most days use electric wheelchair, and I’m suffer chronic asthma and COPD, why can’t I get a letter from NHS,

    1. Because you do not meet the Government’s ‘Extremely Clinically Vulnerable’ test. BUT that list does not mean that you do not have rights to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act because your disabilities amount to protected characteristics. Can we help you with this?

  38. Im amputee my husband has cancer we have familey who have familey not always easy for them to help us we find it hard to get on line to order any supermarket tried them all.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Have you been able to get help?

  39. Linda Cynk

    My daughter has severe learning disabilities, Rett syndrome . It’s near impossible to get a slot for food .

  40. Geraldine Massey

    What are the qualifying criteria, that I need to get help.

    1. Hi Geraldine,
      If you mean by way of enforcing your legal rights, you can download our free guide or join the case:

  41. Mrs jennifer gillett

    I am on mobilty high rate and high rate care component but unable to get a shopping booking whys is that I have carers come out to

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