Is #Covid messing with your work??

@UNISONdm published a report in August 2020 following a survey of 4,000 disabled workers ​across the UK​, showing that half worked from home during the Covid-19 crisis.

The survey found that nearly three quarters (73%) of disabled staff felt they were more productive or as productive work​ing from home ​compared to their pre-lockdown place of work.

More than half (54%) felt they would benefit from working from home in the future, but nearly two in five (37%) believed their employer was unlikely to allow this.

Photo of a bald headed Andy Robinson with big glasses and a suit, looking serious!

Andy Robinson (pictured) has over eighteen years experience in employment law related issues and has challenged employers on disability grounds many times throughout his career, including assisting Union members. Andy is happy to offer advice and representation at all levels of your claim including the Employment Tribunal and can be relied upon to go the extra mile for your case.

Whilst some cases will involve some cost, which will always be addressed transparently, we will be offering No Win No Fee arrangements in appropriate cases. Message us at if you need Andy’s help. #DeliveringChange

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