A genuine French Fry!

As well as being fairly handy with Disability, Equality & Human Rights cases, Chris Fry is responsible for the leading case on occupational hearing loss or ‘Noise Induced Hearing Loss’ (NIHL) and authors the lawyers’ Guide to Noise Claims for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers http://bit.ly/1thMXu9 . Fry Law continues to act for many workers who have developed hearing loss and Tinnitus from unprotected noise exposure at work.

Demand for good quality advice and representation has now led to us bringing the wonderful Sami French (@Sami_French) into our team as an Associate. Sami has an excellent technical knowledge of medical aspects of NIHL and presented at the First Noise Symposium in Manchester in 2016. Sami might be very softly spoken but is not to be underestimated; she qualified as a Barrister and was called to the Bar in 2013 before beginning the process of dual qualification as a Solicitor in 2016. We are delighted that Sami has joined our growing team!

Fry Law Associate & Specialist in NIHL

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Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.