Fry Law launches Equality Cases Resource

We’ve been listening to feedback from our clients, former clients and disability rights groups that it would be great if we could share more information about the cases we work on that don’t hit the headlines. Almost all of the cases we work on involve unsung heroes taking action which delivers changes to policies, criteria and practices for hundreds or thousands of others.

We believe that a lack of awareness of rights and of how to enforce them is one of the largest barriers to change. So, we’re going to try to upload details of the cases we’re working on and put them into categories which allow searches to be made. Many cases are settled with confidentiality and parties will sometimes have to be anonymised, but we hope that the reports will prove empowering to people by demonstrating the wide variation of services which are being successfully challenged on a daily basis.

In time, we hope to upload our archive of cases but for now we’ll be posting summaries weekly. To access the resource just head to the ‘Articles’ section of the site and then ‘Cases’.


About the Author

Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.