Face Masks & the Equality Act

We’ve beenNo Mask No Entry Sign asked whether a business can refuse you entry for failing to make a face mask, and whether even being asked to wear one amounts to a breach of the Equality Act.

Apparently Facebook posts are circulating suggesting that if service providers ask you to wear a mask, they can be fined between £1,000 and £9,000.

So, here’s a link to a great Fact Checking website which provides clear answers to the questions: https://fullfact.org/online/equality-act-face-mask-discrimination/

In short the answers are:

  • A blanket policy of not allowing access without a face mask is unlawful;
  • Asking you to wear a face mask sensitively and being ‘mindful and respectful’ is not unlawful;

As ever, if you face issues with being refused access because you can’t wear a mask, you should collect as much information about the experience as you can. What was the name of the person you spoke with and can you prove where you were?

Legitimate claims can be made to change unlawful policies and compensation awards will depend upon the ‘injury to feelings’ embarrassment and humiliation caused by the experience.

About the Author

Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.