Discrimination Law Association Conference 2019

The Discrimination Law Association annual conference always signals the start of a busy conference season for us, and this year’s focus on disability discrimination saw Chris Fry contributing ‘from the stage’ last week.

Chris hosted a workshop on how to build a disability discrimination case, sharing litigation trends and challenges, together with suggested strategies for enforcing rights. He also ran through a list of recent services caselaw provided by Catherine Casserley of Cloisters Chambers.

Following on from that Chris also shared a place in a panel discussion with Esther Leighton, John Horan, Peter Kumar and Joanna Owen of the Equality & Human Rights Commission during which he advocated the case for extension of costs shifting in Equality Act cases, and highlighted the need for more effective use of Mediation.

The conference saw Chris re-united with many familiar faces including Robin Allen QC and Doug Paulley, last together outside the Supreme Court 2 years ago.

There was much talk of the progress made since Doug’s case against First Bus Group, and praise for the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s recent Legal Support project for transport which aims to find out how effective the case has been in creating change.

Next stop is the National Register of Access Consultants Conference 2019!

About the Author

Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.