Covid-19 and the impact on our service

We thought it useful to explain how we’re responding to Government guidance on the Coronavirus and how it might affect your contact with us.

We operate a paperless, digital office and case management system which allows our lawyers to work on our cases remotely. In addition, our VOIP digital phone system integrates with our mobile phones, meaning that we can still be contacted on our usual office telephone numbers. On that basis, our lawyers will be working from home, but will be available as usual.

Our clients should have access to their case files via our secure encrypted ‘Fileview’ system.

We are not proposing to travel unless absolutely necessary, and we will be happy to use Facetime or Skype for conferencing. The Ministry of Justice has indicated that it will deal with more hearings by audio or video link, but that Trials will still take place provided that no party has been exposed to the Coronavirus.

In short, we expect to continue with business as usual.

Working from home

About the Author

Chris Fry

Chris is the founder of Fry Law.