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    About Us

    Fry Law represents people who are treated unfairly because of practices or policies applied against them by universities, public authorities, shops, restaurants and businesses, either at work or in everyday life.

    Our team of lawyers specialises in Equality & Human Rights work for people treated badly by service providers because of disability, age, race, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. We also undertake workers’ compensation work predominantly in Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) for people whose health and hearing has been affected at work.

    Two of our lawyers are responsible for 8 reported authorities in the Court of Appeal, and two in the Supreme Court making Fry Law a Northern-based National Powerhouse in this important work, punching well above its size.

    Why use Fry?

    Our work sees us as the trusted voice in whatever we do. You will see us leading conferences, publishing articles, advising leading charities, and Trade Unions, briefing members of the House of Lords, and giving legal commentary for the national media.

    We mean it when we say you can expect more from us than a standard law firm.

    • Campaigners

      We look beyond the narrow legal case at the whole of the problem

    • Fixers

      We find solutions where others see problems

    • Lawyers’ lawyers

      Unusually, we’re instructed by other lawyers as well as the public

    • Small caseloads

      We don’t overwork our highest calibre lawyers

    • Paid by results

      If we don’t win, we go hungry (we’ve never gone hungry)

    • Fighters

      We fight hard for what we personally believe in


    • Chris Fry has championed disabled peoples’ rights, bucking the trend and sticking their necks out for the rights of disabled people to boldly go where everyone else has been before.

      Doug Paulley, client
    • I have worked with Chris Fry and his colleagues for a number of years, and in my opinion they are an outstanding law firm.

      They combine excellent client care with a thorough knowledge of discrimination law and a genuine commitment to equality – a rare combination. And they achieve great results for their clients.

      It’s always a pleasure to work with them, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to do so.

      Cath Casserley, Leading Equalities Barrister at Cloisters Chambers
    • I’m delighted to endorse the excellent work of Fry Law.

      Led by the committed and talented Chris Fry, the firm gets involved with some of the most important legal issues of our time. Fry Law gives a voice to those who may have none, and access to justice to those often in most need.

      The firm’s disability law practice is at the forefront of legal developments, demonstrated no better than in their support of claimants bringing cases against local authorities for prima face breaches of the Equality Act in relation to their so-called ‘shared’ space developments.

      Lord Holmes of Richmond

    Recent Cases

    • Kambanis v Unity Leisure trading as Northampton Leisure Trust

      Inaccessible Play Area

      Status: ongoing ( Nov 2017 )

      Archie has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II and has lost strength in his muscles since birth and as a result requires the use of an electric wheelchair. Archie attended a play area with his mother and friends on 04/04/2017.  Although …

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    • G v Flambards

      Inaccessible Toilet Facilities

      Status: ongoing ( Oct 2017 )

      A was born with a genetic condition caused by a gene fault found in his chromosomal analysis. Due to this, he has muscle weakness and multiple contractures (arthrogyposis) which has led to multiple problems with his limbs for which he …

      Read the full case
    • Hutchings v RFU

      Provisions for visual impairment

      Status: settled ( Oct 2017 )

      On 23rd October 2016, Mr Hutchings attended Twickenham Stadium with his Personal Assistant to watch an American Football Game ran by the National Football League (NFL). Mr Hutchings is registered Blind and in order for him to experience the game, he expected …

      Read the full case

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